Ottawa Photography | Cake Smash Tips. You’ve seen adorable cake smash photos on Pinterest and shared by your friends. You’re hoping to capture similar photos of your own baby but aren’t sure how to prepare for your cake smash session. You may be surprised to find out not all babies love cake! For the best chance at cake smash success, here are some of our favourite tips:

Practice Makes Perfect

Before the big day arrives, encourage your little one to practice eating on the floor. Cake smash sessions are all about letting loose and exploring a tasty treat, and for some babies, eating while seated on the floor might be a new experience. Get them used to the sensation of sitting on the floor while enjoying their favourite snacks. This will help them feel more at ease during the cake smash, which makes capturing sweet candid moments a guarantee!

Get Acquainted with the Cake

It’s no secret that cake is the star of the show during a cake smash photography session. To ensure your baby feels comfortable with the cake on the day of the session, consider introducing them to the type of cake you plan to offer beforehand. You could let them have a little taste, familiarizing them with the sweet treat and its texture. This will help avoid any surprises and make the cake smash even more enjoyable for your little one.

Snacks for Backup

While cake is the centrepiece of the session, not all babies might take an instant liking to it. And that’s absolutely okay! Some babies might prefer to take things slow or may not want to dive into the cake at all. Having other snacks on hand that your baby loves will save the day. Offer their favourites fruits or cereal on top of the the cake, so they feel comfortable and happy throughout the session.

Remember, the key to a fantastic cake smash session is to embrace the moment and have confidence that your photographer will take beautiful photos no matter what your baby’s reaction is. These sessions are all about celebrating their first taste of cake and capturing those adorable expressions and messy moments that you’ll cherish forever.

Ottawa Photography | Cake Smash Tips
Ottawa Photography | Cake Smash Tips