Newborn Photography Ottawa | Favourite colour. What colours you select for your newborn session can make a significant impact on the overall look of your images. There’s no “right answer” when choosing your session’s colours but if you’re struggling to pick, here are some helpful tips.

Match Your Baby’s Nursery Colours:

One of the most popular approaches is to coordinate the session’s colours with the baby’s nursery décor. This creates a cohesive look that ties the photos to your home and makes displaying the photos as nursery wall art very simple. Consider the dominant colours in your baby’s nursery, such as pastels, neutrals, or vibrant colours, and incorporate them into the session’s props, fabrics, or accessories.

Consider Your Favorite Colours:

Infuse your personal style into the session by incorporating your favorite colours. Whether you adore soft blues, warm yellows, or earth tones, choosing colours that you enjoy will add a personalized touch that you’re sure to love. Your connection to the colours will make displaying your little one’s photos even more special to you as you bring your favourite colours and one of your favourite people together.

Draw Inspiration from Wedding Décor or Home Colours:

Another source of inspiration can be colours from your wedding décor or your home interior. If you had a particular colour scheme at your wedding that holds sentimental value, incorporating them into your newborn session can create a beautiful visual connection. Likewise, drawing from the colours in your home can create a coordinated and familiar atmosphere in your photos.

Combine Colours from All Three Options!

For a truly personalized session and to add even more variety, consider combining colours from your baby’s nursery, your favorite colours, and elements from your wedding décor or home. This type of mix can result in a vibrant and unique look that reflects not only your family’s style but also your family’s story.