Newborn Photos Ottawa | Styling Your Session. How do I choose what types of newborn photos I want?

Today we are sharing some of our favourite tips for styling your newborn session. Selecting the photos you want to have taken during your session can seem overwhelming: let us help!

Find Inspiration on the Photographer’s Website

When preparing for your newborn session, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of Pinterest boards filled with adorable baby photos. However, a better approach is to explore the portfolio on your photographer’s website. Take some time to go through their gallery and create a collection of 5-10 images that you love. By focusing on a smaller selection, you can better identify the style and artistic vision that resonates with you, ensuring a more cohesive and personalized session.

Consider Your Home’s Aesthetics

Your beautiful newborn photos deserve to be displayed in a place of pride in your home. Before the session, take a look at your previous photo sessions and where they are showcased. Consider the colour scheme, decor, and available wall space. Think about where you plan to hang the new photos and envision how they will fit in with your existing collection. This will help you choose a style for your newborn session that will match not only your home’s aesthetics but how your photos will fit in with your previous galleries.

Infuse Personalized Touches

Newborn sessions are not just about capturing adorable poses; they’re about documenting your family’s journey and creating memories you can pass down to future generations. Think about any mementos from previous sessions or cherished family heirlooms you’d like to incorporate. Also, consider poses that you could recreate in later years to showcase your child’s growth. Most importantly, communicate any emotions you wish to convey through the images, so your photographer can capture those special connections and feelings.

Newborn Photos Ottawa | Styling Your Session
Newborn Photos Ottawa | Styling Your Session