Newborn photography in Ottawa | Sibling photos. “I’m so nervous about sibling photos!”. This is one of the most common concerns parents share with us before a newborn photography session.

No matter what your child’s age or personality, sibling photos are possible during a session. Yes, even if your child doesn’t love to sit still or isn’t able to follow directions! It’s important to have an open mind about the types of poses and photos the photographer will take. Certain photos (e.g., newborn being held by a sibling) are only safe with older children. That being said, we have some tried and true tips for success on photo session day:

Consider Your Child’s Age and Development:

Every child is wonderfully unique, and that applies to their behaviour during a photoshoot too! Whether you have an active toddler or a quiet preschooler, communicating your child’s preferences and personality to the photographer beforehand can make all the difference. Letting the photographer know about your child’s boundaries beforehand is key! This ensures your photographer can come up with several strategies for how to capture sibling photos. If your child doesn’t like to be touched by people they don’t know, tell your photographer ahead of time. If your child responds well to songs and games, let your photographer know in advance. Think of what daycare providers and teachers have said about your child: this might give you ideas about what to tell your photographer.

Timing is Everything

Scheduling your sibling photoshoot at the right time of day is crucial for happy and engaged kids. Observe when your children are usually at their best – it might be right after breakfast or after an afternoon nap. By aligning the session with their natural rhythms, we can make sure they’re calm. Kids who are well rested are much more likely to participate in photos with their new sibling.

Comfort is Key

To set the stage for a successful photoshoot, it’s essential that your little ones are comfortable and well-prepared. A good meal before the session and dressing them in cozy, familiar clothes will help them feel at ease. Before the big day, show them photos of the studio and introduce them to the photographer: this way, they’ll know what to expect, and it’ll feel like visiting a friend!


The reality is, it’s not always possible to have your child in the same place as your baby at the same time. I often rely on Photoshop to create a final image, where I combine two photos of siblings from the same session. This is an important skill to have, especially when older siblings are under the age of two, or for any child who isn’t comfortable being in new environments.

Remember, capturing your children together in one photo is the priority. What the pose is, what they are wearing, and where they are looking are all secondary to photographing them together for the first time. As a photographer, my goal is to create a warm and welcoming environment where your children can be themselves, while at the same time using my years of experience to work a little magic when it comes to encouraging them to participate in your baby’s first family photo session.

Newborn photography in Ottawa | Sibling photos
Newborn photography in Ottawa | Sibling photos
Newborn photography in Ottawa | Sibling photos

Newborn photography in Ottawa | Sibling photos