I love being able to offer my clients a variety of frame-worthy photos during a session.  I understand the importance of posed photos because they are such an integral part of family history and tradition.  At the same time I appreciate how genuine and meaningful candid photos are because they capture personality and emotion.

Many of my clients want a posed family photo that can be displayed in their home or included in their holiday card.  An equal number of clients prefer candid photos of them interacting with their children, which show the connection they have to one another. A lot of people find candid photos less intimidating because they can play with their children or cuddle them and they feel less pressure because they don’t have to smile and look at the camera.

At the same time, I often set up photos that may appear candid but are actually posed; I find it helps put people at ease when we can switch back and forth between the two types of images and they don’t feel they have to smile for the entire length of the session.

Here are some examples of candid and posed pictures that might help determine which style works best for you: