“My husband Brad and I were so excited to find out we were expecting our very first child, due August 18, 2017. We couldn’t wait to be parents! For the majority of the first trimester, everything was going smoothly and we couldn’t help sharing the exciting news with close family and friends. We were taking baby bump pictures, we received our first newborn outfit, we started researching what to put on our baby registry, and we even prepared a baby announcement picture to share with everyone as soon as we hit the 12 week mark. Needless to say- we were thrilled. We couldn’t wait to meet our little one! But we were devastated at our 11 week ultrasound appointment when we found out that our little babe no longer had a heartbeat. I could not believe that my first pregnancy was turning into my first miscarriage. We were absolutely devastated, and it took time to mentally and physically heal from this heartbreaking loss. Sharing our devastating news with our friends and family caused many others to share their own stories of their own miscarriages. I was so surprised to find out how common it was- more than 1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage- yet barely anyone talks about it! We decided to publicly share our story to help create awareness and to let other couples know that they are not alone. It was also during this time that I found out what the term “rainbow baby” meant. Beautiful rainbows can only appear after a rain storm, and they represent hope.
We tried to conceive again for months. Month after month we would get negative pregnancy results, which were so hard to accept. Fast forward to August 18th 2017, which was the original due date from our first pregnancy- and -believe it or not, that is the EXACT day we found out that we were pregnant again! This full circle moment is definitely not a coincidence and is a reminder that God has been with us every step of the way. I’m now 35 weeks into a very healthy pregnancy, and we are so excited to meet our rainbow baby! 
Sara’s creative photoshoot allows us to celebrate the upcoming birth of our current little guy, but also to honour the loss of our first little one, who is waiting for us in heaven. What a special moment :)”

maternity photo session with rainbow colours

maternity photo session in ottawa with rainbow colours


Sara McConnell Photography ~ Ottawa Maternity Photos