On Saturday I had 5 amazing Celebrate You Boudoir sessions and then on a whim proceeded to empty the entire contents of my studio.  After spending countless hours in the studio this winter I knew it was in desperate needs of repairs, fresh paint, and an organization overhaul but the schedule has been so jam packed I couldn’t figure out when we were going to transform the space.  When I realized I had a 72 hour window with no sessions I knew it was now or much, much later.

My husband spent all of Mother’s Day painting and with my dad’s help managed to finish the repairs and fresh coat of paint in one day  I headed out to IKEA for Mother’s day breakfast with my boys and a shopping expedition for new storage solutions.  In the past four months I’ve had 130 sessions in the studio, including over 35 newborns, and it felt like I was always searching for what I needed despite keeping the studio neat and tidy.  With a collection of over 10 maternity gowns and over 100 newborn props, it was time for a new organization strategy.

We worked around the clock to get everything assembled and into the studio and I am so excited to share the transformation with you!  I’ve included a collage of photos from last Spring (the ‘Before‘) images:



And the much anticipated ‘After‘:


2016-05-10_0002 2016-05-10_0003