Maternity Photography Ottawa | Timeless. As a maternity photographer dedicated to capturing special moments during pregnancy, I believe in providing a timeless experience rather than one focused on trends and fads. When putting together my gown collection I focused on three important considerations to ensure my clients have wonderful options.

Timeless Over Trendy

There will always be fads and trends to explore in photography and fashion. But when I choose which maternity gowns to add to my collection I choose ones that have a timeless look. Moreover, I focus on selecting designs that are classic, ensuring your photos won’t look dated years down the line. We want you to cherish these photos for a lifetime. By opting for gowns with enduring styles, I know that you will love to display your photos now and long into the future.

Dresses For All Body Types:

Pregnancy is a unique and beautiful journey and every body deserves to be celebrated. We carefully choose our gown collection to offer options for all sizes and body types. We prioritize dresses that will work for all bodies. This ensures everyone has options that will make them feel confident and beautiful during their maternity session.

Avoiding Distractions:

I think it’s important in maternity sessions to keep the focus on you, your pregnancy, and the relationships with your family members. I purposely steer away from large dresses or props that could divert attention from the focus of the session. Which of course, is you and your family. By keeping the gowns timeless we can focus on what truly matters and ensure your maternity session is a reflection of your family’s love and anticipation for baby.

My decision to provide timeless gowns is rooted in my desire to provide you with images that withstand the test of time. From classic gown selections to a focus on providing options for all bodies, my goal is to create maternity photos that you will love to look at and display for years to come.

Maternity Photography Ottawa | Timeless