Family Photography Ottawa | Session Locations. Choosing a location for your family photo session is an important step in creating an ideal setting for capturing your memories. As your photographer, I want to ensure that every consideration is made to ensure your session is a success. Here are three key things we consider when selecting the perfect setting for your session.

1. Parking Convenience

Parking may seem like a mundane thing to consider, but parking can make or break the ease and enjoyment of your family session. We prioritize locations with ample and convenient parking to eliminate unnecessary stress. Easy access allows you to arrive comfortably, ensuring a smooth transition from your car to the session. This allows us to focus on capturing genuine moments without any distractions or stress.

2. Safety First

Your family’s safety is our most important priority. When selecting a location, we assess its safety features to provide you with peace of mind throughout the session. We consider factors such as busy nearby roads, even terrain, and well-maintained surroundings to create a safe environment for everyone. A safe location is especially important if there are young children participating. A safe location contributes to a relaxed atmosphere, allowing us to capture happy smiles and your family enjoying time together.

3. Ideal Lighting

Lighting can be a photographer’s best friend or their worst enemy so considering where the sunlight falls is pivotal in selecting a location. We carefully look at where the sun will shine at the time of your session to help us avoid squinty faces and harsh shadows. For photos that will include your family’s happy faces at bright times of day it’s important that there is open shade where the sunlight is diffused to give us a flattering and comfortable setting. By considering a location’s lighting I ensure your family’s portraits will have wide open eyes and that colours won’t be washed out.

By considering parking, safety, and lighting we aim to create an environment that allows your family to shine at your session so that I can capture beautiful moments for you and your family.

Family Photography Ottawa | Session Locations
Family Photography Ottawa | Session Locations
Family Photography Ottawa | Session Locations