Ottawa Headshot Photographer | Session Planning. A headshot session is an exciting step in many professional journeys. I believe in creating a thoughtful and personalized photography session for all of my headshot clients. One way we ensure a tailored experience is by sending out a detailed questionnaire before your session.

  1. Your Headshot’s Purpose: Our detailed questionnaire helps us understand the purpose behind your headshots. Whether it’s for corporate use, LinkedIn, personal branding, or business cards, knowing your intended use allows us to tailor the session to meet your specific needs. This insight ensures that the final images resonate with your audience and serve their intended purpose effectively.

  1. Your Desired Look: Every client has a unique vision for their headshots, and our questionnaire is designed to uncover yours. From your preferred style (traditional, candid) to specific expressions you wish to convey, this information guides our creative process. By understanding your expectations, we can tailor the poses, backdrop, and overall look to capture the photos you have in mind.

  1. Your Unique Needs: We understand that everyone has different feelings about having their photos taken and different areas of self-consciousness. Our questionnaire allows you to communicate any concerns you may have, ensuring we approach your session with sensitivity and awareness. Whether it’s a specific angle, a feature, or a preference for retouching, knowing more about you helps us prioritize your comfort and confidence during the shoot.

Our commitment to personalized headshots begins with our detailed questionnaire. By sharing your headshot’s purpose, your preferred look, and any areas of self-consciousness you may have, you contribute to a collaborative process that ensures your headshots are the very best possible. When we collaborate together and you share your vision with us, I can capture the best version of you.

Ottawa Headshot Photographer | Session Planning
Ottawa Headshot Photographer | Session Planning