Ottawa Photographers Family | Shoes for Sessions. Outfits are often focused on most when clients are preparing for their upcoming family session. But there’s one often overlooked detail that can make a big difference in your photos—your choice of shoes!

If you haven’t put a lot of thought into your footwear before a session, here are some things to think about before your upcoming session:

1. Style That Completes the Look: Imagine you’ve picked out the perfect outfit for your family photos, and then you throw on mismatched or worn-out shoes at the last minute. Your footwear is the finishing touch that pulls your entire look together. Opt for shoes that complement your outfit’s style, whether it’s a classic pair for a timeless look or something more casual for a laid-back look that matches the rest of your outfit.

2. Comfort is Key, Especially for Little Feet: For family sessions with kiddos, comfort is non-negotiable. Choose shoes that fit well to avoid discomfort or distractions during the shoot. Little ones are more likely to enjoy the session and show off their genuine smiles when their tiny feet are happy.

3. Consider the Terrain: If you’re venturing into the great outdoors for your photo session, it’s important to consider the terrain. Stilettos can look fabulous! But they might not be the best choice for a setting where they will sink into the grass or stand out against a forest backdrop. Opt for shoes that work with the environment, whether it’s grass-friendly flats or sturdier boots for an adventurous forest session.

4. Don’t Forget Practicality: Is your session at a place where we’ll be able explore different locations? If so, practicality is very important. Choose shoes that allow you to move comfortably and confidently so that you’re best able to pose in a variety of different ways. It’s all about striking a balance between style and functionality.

Ready to Put Your Best Foot Forward? Your footwear is important to consider when planning your session. With a bit of extra planning you can be sure to be photo session ready from head to toe.

Ottawa Photographers Family | Shoes for Sessions
Ottawa Photographers Family | Shoes for Sessions

Ottawa Photographers Family | Shoes for Sessions