Newborn Photos Ottawa | Editing Preferences. As a newborn photographer, I understand the importance of not only capturing your little one but also that your final images reflect your family’s vision. Part of the process of having professional photos is the editing and retouching process. What kinds of edits and retouching are done varies from photographer to photographer and from session to session.

What kinds of edits and retouching is available?

Editing is the process of colour correction as well as the adjustment of exposure, highlights, shadows, colour tones, colour saturation, etc. Photographers tend to each have their own editing style. If you have questions about specific edits its best to discuss them with your photographer.

Retouching is the making of local adjustments to skin, hair, and imperfections in the backdrop (e.g., scuff marks). After a session I send my clients an editing questionnaire. In the questionnaire I ask about specific edits and which of the most commonly requested retouching requests they’d like done. This includes things like reducing shine, removing scabs and bruises, teeth whitening, reducing under eye circles, and removing stray hairs.

For a newborn baby’s photos, I typically focus on delicate adjustments, such as removing temporary baby acne, gently treating peeling skin, and adjusting jaundice if needed. These adjustments ensure your baby’s images look natural but without the temporary skin issues that come after birth.

Why do I ask clients which aspects of their photos they’d like edited?

Beauty is subjective. There are no rules for determining what is beautiful or desirable in a photo–or in real life. Often we might think that other people share our beliefs about what makes a photo beautiful. As someone who has photographed 1000s of families, I assure you there is no common list of edits everyone wants.

Your preferences matter, especially when it comes to the specific details of your family’s features. By choosing your own amount of retouching, I can ensure your final images not only captures your joy from this special time but also that your family’s unique preferences are met.

Newborn Photos Ottawa | Editing Preferences