Newborn Photography Near Me | Photoshopping Sibling Photos. As a photographer specializing in newborn sessions, I understand the importance of capturing precious moments with siblings and ensuring the safety and comfort of them. For some sibling sets with younger older siblings, photographing them together can include some safety challenges that require creative solutions.

By using a few Photoshop techniques my clients don’t have to worry about what will happen on the day of their session if their toddler doesn’t want to pose with their baby. If an older sibling is very active and we’re worried about accidental kicks I have tricks up my sleeve. Having these tools ensures I can create timeless, heartfelt sibling photos while keeping the children safe and comfortable. 

Three Steps to Photoshopping Siblings:

1. Photographing Siblings Separately: For many toddlers, photographing them separately from their baby sibling is a safer, better choice. Toddlers can have a hard time moving their bodies slowly and carefully around delicate newborns. Safety is always my top priority so I will often photograph toddlers separately from their baby and then combine their individual photos into one, sweet sibling photo.

First, I photograph siblings separately while being mindful of their positioning and how both of their photos will combine. Then after the session, I merge their images in Photoshop creating one seamless image. This ensures each child is comfortable and safe during the session but that their photos beautifully capture their new relationship.

2. Safely Incorporating Baby into Props: When using a prop for sibling photos, I photograph a toddler sibling next to an empty newborn prop. I then photograph baby in that same prop on their own carefully matching the positioning their older sibling(s) took. After their session is over, I then combine their separate images in Photoshop to make one composite image. In Photoshop I can then edit seams, shadows, and colours to make a natural looking photo that appears to have always been one photo.

3. Creating the Illusion of Closeness: Some older siblings may not be sure how close they’d like to get to their new sibling. It’s perfectly normal for older siblings to be unsure of their new family member. Rather than push children to get really close to their sibling I can instead edit their photos after their session. Using Photoshop I can make it appear that far apart siblings are closer together in the final image. I adjust their positions and resize their bodies to create a seamless image that makes it appear as if the children are closer together.

Newborn Photography Near Me | Photoshopping Sibling Photos
Newborn Photography Near Me | Photoshopping Sibling Photos

Newborn Photography Near Me | Photoshopping Sibling Photos