Newborn Photography Ottawa Area: Newborn skin | Are you eagerly anticipating your upcoming newborn photo shoot, but worried about how your little one’s skin issues might affect the final pictures? Rest assured, as a professional newborn photographer, I’m here to address your concerns and offer solutions.

1. Share Photos in Advance: To tackle any skin issues proactively, I recommend that you share photos of your newborn in advance. This helps us assess the extent of any acne or scratches and plan accordingly for edits or changes to poses. These photos help us understand your baby’s unique features and any temporary blemishes they may have. This way, we can tailor our photography and editing approach to your baby’s specific needs.

2. Preferences for Editing: Your preferences matter, and we want to capture your vision for your newborn’s photos. After your session, we will ask you questions about what aspects you would like edited. This is so that you can let us know your editing preferences. Whether you prefer a natural look with minimal editing or you’d like me to retouch the images a bit more, your input guides my post-processing work.

3. Photoshop Magic: Rest assured, I am skilled in using Photoshop to address common newborn skin issues, such as acne, jaundice, or redness. Here’s how I tackle these concerns:

  • Jaundice: Photoshop allows me to correct yellowish tones caused by jaundice.
  • Baby Acne: We delicately retouch your baby’s skin to reduce or remove acne blemishes. My goal is to maintain a natural appearance while ensuring your baby’s skin looks smooth and doesn’t include temporary skin blemishes.
  • Redness: Patches of redness on a newborn’s skin is common during these first early weeks. Any redness can be corrected through Photoshop, creating a more even complexion.

Remember, newborn skin issues are typically temporary and nothing to be overly concerned about. My post-processing skills are here to ensure your baby looks their best in every photograph.

Don’t let concerns about your newborn’s acne or scratches deter you from capturing these precious moments. Share photos in advance and communicate your preferences and we would be happy to let you know what is possible in terms of edits. Our goal is to provide you with beautiful, timeless memories of your precious newborn, regardless of any temporary skin issues.

Newborn Photography Ottawa Area: Newborn skin

Newborn Photography Ottawa Area: Newborn skin