Ottawa Photography | Five Ways To Display Your Photos. You had a fantastic session with your family and have beautiful photos: now what?  Figuring out how and where to display your photos is the final step of your photography session.  We provide customized suggestions and help to our clients and today we are sharing five of our favourite ways to display your family photos in your home.

Gallery walls are a timeless and versatile way to display family photos. By combining images from different sessions and seasons, you create a captivating art wall that tells the story of your family’s growth. The beauty of a gallery wall lies in its ability to change it over time. As new memories are made, you can easily add new frames.

2. Digital Slideshows

In this digital age, why not use technology to showcase your family’s favourite photos? A digital slideshow displayed on your TV, digital frame, or home computer offers an interactive way to share all your family memories. With digital slideshows you don’t have to stress about choosing which images to include because you can incorporate them all!

3. One Large Print

Replace generic “off the shelf” art with a large canvas or framed photo featuring your favourite image. When you use a family photo as the “statement piece” in a room, you don’t need to worry about style or updating the image as the colours and furniture in your home evolve.  Family photos are timeless!

4. Staircase Showcase

Utilize your staircase as a natural gallery space. Arrange family photos along the stairwell, creating a timeline of your family. This type of display not only transforms an often overlooked area into a beautiful gallery wall but it is also a highly visible area in your home, which means you get to enjoy your photos several times a day.  

5. Small Frames, Big Impact

Consider placing family photos in smaller frames on bookshelves, desks, or other surfaces around your home. These intimate arrangements allow you to weave your family’s photos into the everyday décor of your living spaces.

Whether you opt for a gallery wall, a digital slideshow, a large print, a stairwell showcase, or small frames on shelves and desks, each approach offers a unique opportunity to infuse your living space with beautiful family memories. Remember, there’s no wrong way to display your family photos: if it makes you happy, it’s perfect the way it is!

Ottawa Photography | Five Ways To Display Your Photos
Ottawa Photography | Five Ways To Display Your Photos

Ottawa Photography | Five Ways To Display Your Photos