Professional Headshots Ottawa | Bold Colour. While neutral tones have their place, there are a few great reasons to consider infusing a burst of color to make your headshot photos pop. Headshot images are now used even more than before. Especially since so many people moved to hybrid and remote work since 2020.  Here are three ways to incorporate colour into your headshot photo session and why we encourage clients to consider embracing colour for their headshot session:

Wardrobe Wonders

Don’t be afraid to embrace vibrant hues in your outfit choices! Bold jewel tones or soft pastels can showcase your personality and energy in your headshot photos.  Colour can convey confidence, approachability, or creativity, depending on the shades you choose. A colourful top or tie is a great way to catch people’s attention through your Teams, LinkedIn or work profiles.

Backdrop Brilliance

If your wardrobe is primarily neutral colours, consider using a colourful background for one your headshot photos.  Using a coloured backdrop creates visual interest and sets your image apart from other headshot photos. It adds depth and personality to the shot, making it attention-grabbing.

Accessories that Wow

If you prefer more traditional headshot photos, consider adding in statement jewelry, scarves, or even a bold tie for a few of your photos. These accessories add a splash of colour. They also showcase your personal style. They draw attention to your face and help create a dynamic and engaging headshot. Plus, they’re a fantastic way to infuse your own unique flair into the session, making the images authentically ‘you’.

While neutrals have their place, colour brings life and vibrancy to your photos. It adds depth, evokes emotion, and makes your headshot truly memorable. It’s about standing out in a sea of profiles and leaving a lasting impression.

Professional Headshots Ottawa | Bold Colour
Professional Headshots Ottawa | Bold Colour

Professional Headshots Ottawa | Colour