Newborn photography Ottawa | Lifestyle Photos. “What exactly is lifestyle newborn photography?” Today I’m comparing two styles of newborn photography: lifestyle photos and traditional posed newborn photos. This session had the perfect balance of both. The photos with mom, dad, and baby, are considered lifestyle photos whereas the photos of the baby on her own, are traditional posed newborn photos.

Natural vs. Staged

Lifestyle newborn photos are all about embracing the beauty of real-life moments. They capture the natural interactions between the family and their baby. They typically feature photos where family members aren’t looking at the camera and are instead focusing on each other.

On the other hand, traditional posed newborn photos take a more controlled and staged approach. These photos are often taken in a studio setting, where the photographer carefully arranges poses and incorporates props. The focus is on creating beautifully arranged compositions.

Emotion vs. Perfection

Lifestyle newborn photos prioritize emotions and connections above all else. They capture the sheer joy, overflowing love, and tender moments shared between family members and their newest addition.

Conversely, traditional posed newborn photos aim for impeccable perfection. The emphasis is on creating visually stunning images with the baby posed in precise and artful ways. The result is a collection of polished and picture-perfect shots that highlight the baby’s adorable features.

Spontaneity vs. Control

Lifestyle newborn photos embrace the magic of unpredictable moments. The photographer follows the natural flow of the session, allowing genuine interactions to unfold organically.

On the contrary, traditional posed newborn photos require a higher degree of control and precision. The photographer meticulously poses the baby and carefully crafts the setting to achieve the desired look. The result is a collection of carefully curated images.

Both lifestyle and traditional posed newborn photos are beautiful. You can choose one style for your session or incorporate more than one type of style of images. Whichever style you choose, remember that newborn photography is a celebration of love, family, and the joyous journey of parenthood.

Newborn photography Ottawa | Lifestyle Photos
Newborn photography Ottawa | Lifestyle Photos

Newborn photography Ottawa | Lifestyle Photos