Candid Family Photographer Ottawa | Tips for Candid Photos. “How do you get natural looking candid photos”. Today, I’m excited to share some invaluable tips for capturing beautiful candid moments during your photo sessions. Candid photos are all about genuine emotions and natural interactions. What people are surprised to learn is that they aren’t just random unplanned moments during a session. Let’s talk about three essential tips for getting those fantastic candid shots!

Comfort is Key

Whether it’s you or your little ones, wearing comfortable clothes and shoes is a must for candid photography. Why? Because candid shots often involve movement – sitting, squatting, walking, and even running around! Before your photo session, put on those clothes and shoes and test them out. Make sure you can move around freely so that you and your family can play during the session.

Choose the Right Photographer

Candid photography isn’t just about hoping for spontaneous moments to happen magically. It takes skill and experience to create those candid connections. When selecting a photographer for your session, look for someone with a proven track record in candid photography. A skilled photographer will guide you throughout the shoot, offering prompts and setting you up for success. Say goodbye to awkward “now what” moments and hello to effortless interactions that result in stunning photos.

Embrace the Moment

One of the secrets to capturing genuine emotions is to resist the urge to intervene too much. Let your kids and family members be themselves and refrain from correcting their smiles or emotions. Feedback that isn’t positive can lead to forced expressions and disengagement. A talented photographer knows how to work with people in a way that makes them feel connected, confident, and loved, and that’s when the magic happens.

The next time you plan a photo session and want to capture those heartwarming candid photos, remember these tips. Embrace comfort, find a skilled photographer who knows the art of candid photography, and allow your family’s authentic selves to shine through (even the less than picture perfect ones). The result? A collection of treasured photographs you’ll be thrilled to display on the walls of your home.

Candid Family Photographer Ottawa | Tips for Candid Photos

Candid Family Photographer Ottawa | Tips for Candid Photos