Ottawa Headshot Photographer | Say no to selfies. We all love capturing our best angles in those spontaneous, arm-stretched moments. But when it comes to your professional headshot, it’s time to put the selfie stick aside. Today, we’re going to explore three reasons why you should avoid using a selfie for your headshot photo.

Reason 1: The Awkward Arm Stretch

We’ve all been there, attempting to hold our phone at the perfect angle while avoiding a strained smile. Selfies often come with that unmistakable arm stretch that screams, “I took this myself!”. Your headshot should exude professionalism and confidence, and a selfie just can’t capture that polished look you’re aiming for.

Reason 2: Background Distractions Galore

Let’s face it, selfies tend to have cluttered backgrounds. Whether it’s a messy bedroom, a crowded coffee shop, or a random passerby making a cameo, these distractions take away from the focus being on you. Your headshot should have a clean, professional background that directs attention solely to your face. By avoiding selfies, you can ensure that your headshot is free from any visual clutter.

Reason 3: Quality Matters

Selfies are often snapped in less-than-ideal lighting conditions. Professional headshots, on the other hand, are taken in controlled settings with proper lighting and equipment. This esures crisp and high-quality images. Remember, your headshot is an investment in your personal brand, and high-quality visuals make a lasting impression.

When it comes to your headshot, let’s leave the arm stretches, background distractions, and quality compromises behind. Instead, opt for a professional headshot that showcases your confidence, eliminates distractions, and delivers a memorable image that you’re proud to share.

Ottawa Headshot Photographer | Say no to selfies