Ottawa Family Photographer at the Arboretum. The Dominion Arboretum, nestled in the centre of Ottawa, has a story as captivating as its picturesque scenery. Back in the early 1880s, the Arboretum came to life as a nursery. It served as a research hub for the Dominion Experimental Farms, contributing to scientific studies and advancements in agriculture. Over time, this hidden gem transformed into a haven for nature enthusiasts and families alike. The Arboretum is the largest green space in central Ottawa. It offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Arboretum remains one of the most popular locations for photography sessions for several reasons. First of all, the rolling hills and gigantic trees, create a magical forest right in the middle of the city. There are gravel paths meandering through the manicured grass lawns and under the 100+ year old trees.

No matter the time of year, the Arboretum has a beautiful backdrop for Ottawa Family photography sessions. Spring brings a burst of colourful blooms. Summer showcases lush greenery and sunny skies. In Fall the trees turn red, yellow and orange. Even in winter, the snow on the ground and trees turns the Arboretum into a Winter wonderland.

The Dominion Arboretum isn’t just a place for traditional family photography poses; it’s a playground for fun and candid moments. Let your kids run free through open spaces, giggle as they chase butterflies, or even have a friendly leaf-throwing competition. The Arboretum encourages laughter, playfulness, and a sense of adventure, resulting in authentic and joyful photographs that truly capture the spirit of your family.

Ottawa Family Photographer at the Arboretum
Ottawa Family Photographer at the Arboretum

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