What if my baby is awake? | Every newborn session is a unique experience because every baby is different. From their temperament to their personality, each little one is unique from the day they are born. That’s why our newborn session workflows are customized to cater to the needs of each individual baby. We understand that two-week-old newborns are different from six-week-old newborns, but let’s be honest, babies constantly surprise us with their preferences no matter what their age. Some babies like white noise, others don’t. Other babies love to be swaddled, some prefer to be naked. Some babies love to lay on their bellies, others prefer to be posed on their sides.

Recently, we had the pleasure of photographing an adorable 2-week-old baby girl who arrived at the studio wide awake and ready to interact with both me and her parents. Even though she had been awake for some time before the session and had a full belly, which usually means nap time is just around the corner, this little one proved once again that at newborn sessions, I am not in charge!

Whether they’re peacefully asleep or wide awake, we always capture stunning newborn photos. Instead of focusing solely on traditional “sleeping” poses, we prioritize their comfort and contentment. This approach ensures that both parents and infants are relaxed and happy throughout the session. After all, when we let babies be themselves, the results are truly magical.

Photo of a newborn baby girl posed on pink fabric in a blog post called "What if my baby is awake?" Maternity photography near me.