Just a few newborn photos | Newborn photography has long been associated with marathon sessions. But let me debunk that myth right away. While I do offer longer sessions, I am always delighted to tell clients I offer a fantastic alternative. For families who want a few precious photos of their precious bundle of joy I offer a half-hour newborn session!

Upon hearing the question, “Can I book a short newborn session?” my answer is a resounding “Yes!”. Believe it or not, it is entirely possible to capture stunning newborn photographs within a mere 30 minutes.

Let me walk you through the process:

  1. Careful Planning. Ahead of your session, we meticulously plan everything, ensuring that the studio is set up and ready to go as soon as you arrive. This way, we maximize our time together, focusing solely on capturing those cherished moments.
  2. Choosing Your Style. To optimize efficiency, we collaborate on selecting one style of newborn photography for your session. By doing so, we can achieve a diverse gallery of images in a short period of time. You have the option to choose from family photos, prop photos, or traditional photos on the posing fabric.
  3. Preparation Guidelines. We provide detailed instructions to help you prepare your little one before the session. This includes ensuring they are well-fed, cozy, and primed for a nap. Ready to be the star of the show upon arrival at the studio.

By embracing a proactive approach, a shorter newborn session not only becomes feasible but is also a wonderful option for families who have a specific budget in mind for their photos. Or, for those who don’t want to spend several hours at a photography studio.   

If you were considering a newborn session but were quickly overwhelmed by the different options, session length, or cost, reach out to us. We are happy to help plan a petite newborn session for you and your family!

A photo of a sleeping newborn posed in a prop in a blog post about having just a few newborn photos.