Ottawa First Birthday Photo Session Ideas | The first thing that comes to mind for a first birthday photo session is a cake smash but there are dozens of fun and festive alternatives! 

Here are five food-themed alternatives to a cake smash first birthday photo session:

  1. Donut delight. Get a variety of colorful and tasty donuts, and let your little one choose their favourites. Doughnuts are the perfect size for little hands to hold. And the mess from the colourful toppings is the perfect “accessory” for first birthday photos.
  2. Ice cream party. Set up an ice cream sundae with messy toppings (e.g., whipped cream, fruit), and let your little one enjoy their sticky treat. The bright colors and dripping ice cream will make for some sweet shots.
  3. A fruit frenzy is another one on my list of great first birthday Ottawa photo session ideas. Get a variety of brightly colored fruits, and arrange them in a fun and playful way. Almost all babies have a favourite fruit. That makes fruit a great option for your little one if they are reluctant to try new foods or don’t like to get messy.
  4. Pasta party. Fill a bowl with your baby’s favourite cooked noodles and add tomato sauce. The messy, saucy photos will be a hit.
  5. Family favourite. Babies are more likely to explore and play with their food when it is something familiar to them.  A first birthday session doesn’t have to involve sweet treats. You can choose a meal that is meaningful to your family (spaghetti, curry, sushi), which will make the photos even more special.  

Ottawa First Birthday Photo Session Ideas: What’s your baby’s favourite food?