There are so many great reasons to book a yearly photo session but here are 3 reasons you might not have thought of:

  1. Creating traditions. Family traditions are what make the holidays and other special occasions so memorable. But who says you have to wait for a special occasion to create a tradition? Choosing a photo session location, picking props or outfits for the session. As well as planning a special outing for the day of your photo session, can all become part of your annual photo session tradition. 
  2. A gift for you AND your family and friends.  Displaying the photos all over your home is an obvious benefit of booking annual photo sessions. But have you considered using those images to create gifts for family members and friends?  Perhaps a photo book for your child’s grandparents? Or using them on the front of thank you cards or party invitations? As more and more people move towards experiences and meaningful gifts, your photo session is the perfect opportunity to share memories rather than more “stuff” with family members and friends.
  3. A photo session is a wonderful way to share your values with your children.  When you make decisions about your career, how you spend your time, and where you live, you are making your decisions based on what is important to you and oftentimes the decisions you make are for the benefit of your family.  Prioritizing photography sessions and displaying those photos in your home is another way to instill those values in your children. And to show them different ways that you can celebrate your family’s connection and love for one another.  

3 reasons to book yearly photo sessions and beyond

Families have shared that they love choosing different themed sessions for their annual photo shoot. That their favourite part of the session is adding a new photo to the giant gallery wall in their home. Or that they love having their photos taken in a similar location each year so they can see how much they have all grown and changed.

Those are 3 reasons to book yearly photo sessions, what’s your #1 reason for booking an annual photo session?

Photo of a family of 3 in a blog post about 3 reasons to book yearly photo sessions. Ottawa maternity photographer