Candid versus posed images | “We want candid photos but we have no idea what to do!”

There is a misconception that candid = no direction from the photographer.  That is not the case!

Posed images and candid images are both posed, just to different degrees.  In posed images, the photographer gives very specific direction to clients. This can be on where to place themselves and how to interact with one another.  In candid images, the photographer gives the clients prompts and then captures moments as they unfold between family members.  With candid images there’s often movement or activities involved. For example, reading stories, playing a game, etc. and the photographer gives prompts as families interact with one another.

At no point should clients be left standing there wondering “what do we do now?”

With both candid and posed images the photographer needs to choose a location (or backdrop) and lighting that works for the photos they have in mind.  For example, if a family is running together, you want to make sure that everyone has light on their faces while they play.  

Candid photographs involve just as much planning as posed photos. At no point should you be left there wondering “well, now what do we do?”.  Our job as photographer and director is always to have a plan for capturing the most beautiful moments and directing what will unfold next.