Displaying First Birthday Photos | First birthday photos are a great way to capture the joy and excitement of your child’s first year. 

But what do you do with the photos?

First birthday photos aren’t just for displaying at their party. Here are five ideas for displaying your child’s first birthday photos in your home:

  1. Gallery Wall: Create a gallery wall with a mix of different sized frames showcasing photos from your child’s first year. Choose frames that match the décor of the room and arrange them in a random pattern or in uniform rows.  Each year you can replace one of the images from a photo taken close to your child’s birthday.
  2. Living Room: Bookshelves and side tables are the perfect place for small frames or photo stands when. And you can rotate the images throughout the year for the different holidays or seasons. 
  3. Nursery: Displaying their first birthday photos in their nursery is a lovely way to celebrate their growth. Use a large frame or create a photo collage. Hang it somewhere they can see so you can talk to them about the photos. 
  4. Hallway: Hanging a series of photos from your child’s first year in a hallway is a great way to create a visual timeline of their growth. Choose frames that will withstand possible bumps, or canvases, and hang them in a chronological order.  
  5. Kitchen: If you spend particularly a lot of time in the kitchen, showcasing your child’s first birthday photos on the fridge or on a photo board is a great way to keep their memory close at hand.

Where do you hang photos of your child in your home? Are you displaying your child’s first birthday photos?

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