What we love about twin newborn sessions | “Oh my gosh newborn sessions with twins must be so difficult!”

Believe it or not, they aren’t.  Here are some of our favourite things about twin newborn sessions:

  1. I typically photograph newborn sessions alone but when we have twins on the schedule, Brenda is there to help.  We love working together so we always look forward to twin sessions.
  2. We love holding babies and when there is more than one baby, it means we get more cuddle time during sessions as we transition between poses and soothe babies.
  3. There’s nothing more satisfying than posing two sleeping babies intertwined with each other (especially when we catch a glimpse of their parents’ stunned faces). This must be one of the things we love most about twin newborn sessions.
  4. Parenting twins is not just double the work of one baby but exponentially more difficult as parents navigate the feeding and sleeping patterns of two newborns.  We love knowing that they get a brief break in the session to sit and let someone else take over!
  5. We love seeing the similarities and differences between the babies and watching how they interact with each other.  Observing their bond and posing them curled up together is incredible. 

There are many things we love about twin newborn sessions and we always look forward them!

Photo of parents holding their newborn twins in a blog post about what we love about twin newborn sessions. Maternity and newborn photography.