We do offer a limited number of grandparent sessions each year for previous clients.

Photo Sessions With Your Grandkids | We all know that family photography sessions with grandchildren can be a bit chaotic. But fear not, for I come bearing some humorous insights and realistic expectations for us to keep in mind.

First and foremost, let’s acknowledge that kids do not always cooperate during photo sessions. Expecting them to sit still and smile perfectly at the camera for 20 minutes straight? That’s like expecting them to eat liver without making a face! Rather than expecting 20 different perfectly posed portraits, we focus on 5 to 10 groupings of different people. And expect that some photos from your photo session with your grandkids may end up being cuddly, candid images of family members interacting with one another. When cousins get together, excitement always ensues. This is why we want to take into account each child’s personality. And also their ages when we are planning for different combinations of family members.

Next up, outfits.  Because grandparents are usually responsible for helping wrangle kids during the session, it’s important that the outfits they choose don’t wrinkle easily. Also that they don’t need a lot of adjustments, and are comfortable for both seated and standing poses.  Our priority during sessions is on capturing genuine emotion. We also focus on photographing interactions between family members. This is why we want outfits that aren’t distracting or take time away from the session for constant adjustments.  We also recommend minimal jewelery as it becomes tangled in little fingers and hair.  

Poses for photo sessions with your grandkids

When it comes to choosing poses during photo sessions with your grandkids, we want to keep everyone close together and connected. This means we may need to be flexible about who is standing and sitting and how long each pose lasts for.  Not all kids are comfortable standing or sitting for longer than a few minutes at a time. We may need to change up the posing order or family grouping to help kids feel calm and able to stay still.  We often rely on older kids to help with younger siblings and cousins. This means sometimes sibling groups aren’t posed together in photos because it helps avoid fighting.

Photo sessions rarely go as planned. But when the adults who are present are able to laugh and go with the flow, kids pick up on the relaxed atmosphere. They then have a much easier time following instructions and participating in the session.  At the end of the day the most important thing to remember is that all the photos are perfect because they are of the people you love the most.

Have you had a photo session with your grandkids?

Photo of grandparents with their 8 grandchildren in a blog post about photo sessions with their grandkids. Maternity photography.
Photo 8 cousins in a blog post about photo sessions with their grandkids. Maternity photography.