A Generation Without Photos | This is the first generation that may not have photos of themselves.

How is that even possible when we take dozens of cell phone snapshots of our kids and families everyday?

Fewer people own cameras and even fewer people print their own personal photos.  As camera stores and print labs close, fewer people have easy access to a local print shop. More and more families only have photos of their children and families on their phones or computers.

We include prints with every single session and here’s why:

  1. We want clients to have prints delivered straight to the door. We know families are busy and we love knowing the print delivery brings a smile to their faces.
  2. We want clients to have professional prints that will last for decades.
  3. We know, from over a decade of experience, that receiving a collection of prints helps inspire clients into hanging the photos and ordering more photos to display in their home.
  4. We are available to help clients choose their prints and decide how to display them in their home.  One of the #1 reasons people tell us they don’t have recent photos on display is they don’t know where to start.
  5. We love looking at family photos with our own kids and want our clients to experience the same joy.