Posing Babies and Toddlers | How do you get them to do that?

Obviously babies and toddlers can’t follow directions to “sit like this” or “stand while holding this”. So how do we get photos of them in adorable poses for photo sessions?

Through play and games!

Because babies and toddlers can’t follow multi-step verbal instructions for posing and are at a stage where they like to explore their environment, we use play, songs and interactions to keep them standing or sitting where we want them to for photo sessions.  

Expecting babies and toddlers to stay still for long periods of time posing is frustrating to them. This is why we focus on engaging with them so they don’t feel “trapped” into staying in one place.  

In the studio, the shutter speed on my camera is set to 1/160 of a second. This means that’s all the time I need to get a beautiful photo.  It often feels like little ones aren’t staying still. But they are in position long enough for me to get the photos I need!

Posing Babies and Toddlers

-Smiles from laughter and giggles look far less like a grimace (or forced) than when we repeatedly say “smile”.

-We only need 1/160 of a second to take a photo. Your little one doesn’t have to stay in the same place for long.

-Getting down on the floor with me to play and remaining engaged helps babies and toddlers to relax and have fun while posing.  

-Having favourite songs saved to your phone so we can sing and dance is a great way get lots of smiles. It’s also perfect for getting action shots of your child having fun.

-Adapting to what your child needs on the day of the session (e.g., more standing poses, less time in a particular outfit) is best. This means we get more beautiful photos than if we spend a lot of time focused on getting one particular photo. Posing babies and toddlers is best done through flexibility and fun!