Family Photography Sessions in Studio |  Spring, Summer, and Fall are beautiful in Ottawa BUT there are pros and cons to outdoor family photography sessions.

Outdoor photography sessions don’t appeal to everyone and they aren’t always the best choice for your family who may prefer a studio session.

Here are some of the pros of studio sessions:

  1. Clients with mobility issues don’t need to worry about uneven ground.
  2. There is a washroom handy for last minute (or frequent) bathroom breaks and to change your outfits.
  3. You don’t need to put aside two dates in your calendar. Outdoor sessions have both the session date and a back up date in case of weather.
  4. There’s no wind, rain, allergens, or insects to worry about.
  5. For people who are sensitive to temperature changes (hot and cold), the studio is climate controlled year round.
  6. The timeless solid colour studio backdrops mean 100% of the focus is on your family during your photography session.
  7. You can schedule hair and make up appointments without having to worry about cancelling. Outdoor sessions may be postponed due to weather.
  8. Although we do our best to choose quiet outdoor locations, the studio is completely private. Your family is the only one there for photos!
  9. Some children have an easier time regulating themselves indoors. This is because there isn’t open space to run or the distractions of noises, other people, or the elements (grass, bugs, wind etc).
  10. You don’t need to worry about creased clothing, grass stains, or other wardrobe mishaps as you can change when you arrive at the studio for your family photography session.