Fears About Newborn Sessions | After 12 years in business, we have heard many of the same concerns about newborn sessions shared by our clients.  Here are five of the most common worries we hear and our answers.

  • What if my baby won’t sleep?

We send clients preparation instructions to help them get their baby feeling sleepy before the session.  We also rely on soothing, swaddling, swaying, and shushing during the sessions to calm babies.  Most importantly: newborn babies are adorable when they’re asleep and awake.

  • My partner hates having their photo taken

The family photo portion of the session doesn’t have to take long if it’s not a priority for your family.  Your partner can participate in family photos and then head off to run errands or grab a coffee.

  • What if none of my clothes fit?

For traditional posed newborn sessions, most photos are taken from the waist up.  That means for your session you only need a top AND as you can see from most of the family images, you don’t see much of what you’re wearing because of how closely you’re all cuddled together.

  • I want newborn photos but I can’t decide what kind of photos I want

Client overwhelm is a common concern and one of our priorities is helping you figure out which photos you love the most so we can design a session that includes those images.  We help our clients narrow down their choices and priorities so they get the photos they love. Overwhelm need not be your fear when booking a newborn session.

One last fear about Newborn Sessions

  • I’m worried about leaving the house so soon after my baby is born

What you need for a newborn session, is similar to what you bring to a doctor or midwife visit.  A fully stocked diaper bag, ways to feed your baby, and extra clothes “just in case”.  For photos, those “extra clothes” are shirts for your family that you want to wear for photos.  We have everything else on hand (props, accessories, backdrops).  With 12 years of experience, my sessions are designed to last between 30 and 90 minutes.  I don’t expect my clients to remain at the studio for hours upon hours: my priority is taking your photos and then sending you home to rest, asap!

What are your fears about a newborn session?