Reasons to Book Headshot Photos | “Do I really need a new headshot?”

As a photographer I of course hope that clients look forward to their headshot photography session. BUT I understand that people have a lot of mixed feelings about being in front of the camera.  

You don’t need to justify having a new headshot photo taken: it’s absolutely something you can do “just because”. However, if you’re on the fence about getting updated photos taken, here are some of the reasons you might want to consider when it comes to deciding if it’s time to update your headshot photos.

  • Your current headshot image was cropped from a wedding or vacation photo
  • Your coworkers or business contacts wouldn’t recognize you if they met you after seeing your current photo
  • You have substantially changed your appearance since your last photo was taken
  • You have a new role (work or volunteer) and need to convey a different message to clients, coworkers or stakeholders
  • You have an increased online presence in your work role (e.g., social media, conferences, publications, website, company communication)

When was the last time you updated your headshot images? Whether you’ve been in business for decades or you’re just starting out in the world of work or entrepreneurship, an up-to-date headshot is a must have. What is your reason to book headshot photos?