Newborn Physiology During Sessions | Was your baby breech?

One of the topics we ask clients about as part of the newborn session planning process is your baby’s delivery.  We ask about any unexpected interventions as well as what position your baby was in for the third trimester.  After 12 years of newborn sessions, as well as courses I’ve taken with safety professionals, including one physiotherapist, I’ve learned a lot about how newborn physiology, delivery, and your baby’s position in the womb can impact your newborn session.

All babies have preferred positions and in some cases, due to their positioning in the womb there are certain poses that babies find uncomfortable.  Every baby has a different range of motion for their neck and limbs, . This means some find positions where they are tucked tightly or where their head is in one particular direction, not comfortable to maintain.

When I am posing babies I always watch for changes in breathing. Whether their muscles stiffen or soften when I start to pose them in a particular way. As well as how they react when they are on their back, side or tummy.  It’s important that I respect every newborn’s unique physiology during their session. If your baby is experiencing gas or digestive struggles, being on their back or belly, may be uncomfortable and in that case we will often move them to their side or sit them upright more often throughout the session to help relax them.

This sweet little girl was breech and during her session it was very clear what she did and didn’t like. She preferred to have her hands close to her face. And to have her feet tucked up as high as she could get them. She didn’t like being on her stomach and was much more comfortable on her side and back.

Did you have any idea that the delivery or your newborn’s womb position or physiology could impact their photo session?