Keep calm and plan on. While photography is an art form, we definitely don’t take a “see where inspiration takes us” approach when it comes to sessions.  We spend hours planning and preparing for your session before you even arrive at the studio (or at an outdoor location).


One of the biggest concerns clients have when it comes to their session, especially their first experience with maternity or newborn photos, is not knowing what to expect.

What will I wear?

Where will the session happen?

What will the photos look like?

How will I feel about how I look?

What if I don’t like the poses?

As we like to say, “Keep calm and plan on!”. We take the time to get to know exactly what our clients want, and expect, from their session. This ensures we can not only create the photos they envision, but that they arrive on the day of their session knowing what is going to happen. AND they have already had their questions answered. This helps ensure that everyone is feeling as relaxed and at ease as possible on the “big day”. And not worrying about a giant list of “what ifs”.

That being said, art and inspiration still happen at sessions even when we’ve spent hours planning and preparing!  When I know what’s important to my client and that I haven’t missed any important details, I have mental space and energy during the session to try out new poses or ideas and take advantage of beautiful moments that unfold in front of me. So keep calm, and plan on!