Some of my favourite memories from the last thirteen years are of celebrating Easter with our boys.  The bright colours, adventures outside (without snowsuits!), and signs of Spring, always leave me in eager anticipation of what the warm weather will bring.  

I’ve learned a lot over the past decade about capturing my own family’s memories and so today I’m sharing some of my favourite tips for photographing your little ones this Easter!

  1. Spread out the fun.  In order to get as many happy photos as possible, I would encourage you to spread out your photo taking over the week leading up to Easter rather than trying to take all the important photos on the Easter weekend.  Not only will extending the celebrations give you time to enjoy the crafts, special outfits, and time with family, but it will also mean more opportunities to take photos of your little one without them feeling tired or overwhelmed.  
  • Easter crafts. You can set up your toddler at your kitchen table or near a window (remember that you want the light coming from the side or in front of them!) and then photograph them as they paint, colour, or glue together a craft.   If your little one is too young to do crafts on their own, you can still plan craft activities and photograph the process: hand and footprint crafts are my favourite for babies 6 months and under because not only do you get an adorable keepsake you also have a memento of how big their hands and feet were at that age. I’ve created a Pinterest board with some of my favourite crafts for babies & toddlers!

  • Head outside.  Even if there’s still snow on the ground, make sure you head outside and take photos of you and your family enjoying the Spring sun.  Avoid taking photos when the sun is shining directly onto your little one’s face or when there are both shadows and bright light on their face.  You can take photos of them exploring the puddles, buds, and even the mud!  If you baby is not yet walking, you can take them out in their stroller or carrier and get photos of you or your partner showing them all the signs of Spring.  

  • Backdrops.  If you were thinking of what backdrop you could use for photos of your little one in special Easter outfits or with props, I would encourage you to use a neutral wall in your home or a piece of furniture (couch, chair, or even a bed with neutral bedding on it).  DIY backdrops tend to wrinkle easily and don’t say in place as your child moves, which makes them frustrating to use.  If you focus your efforts on finding fun props and accessories and using whatever neutral options you have in your home, you’ll have more opportunities for timeless photos that you can display year round.  

  • Sweet treats.  For babies who have started solid food, Easter is a fun opportunity to introduce Spring themed treats or new foods (e.g., fruits, special baked goods).  Make sure you get photos of your little ones enjoying their treats, especially their exploration and all the facial expressions they make.  

  • The 80/20 rule.  Remember that 80% of the time it’s important to focus on taking candid photos, which are of moments as they unfold rather than staged moments like someone looking at the camera and smiling.  This is a great chance to get photos of your child’s current developmental stage and interests without having to worry about getting their attention.  When you are taking photos and want them to look at you and the camera, instead of calling their name, try singing and making funny noises.

  • Bunny ears. If your little one doesn’t like having things on their head, give them a book or toy to hold while you take the photo.  It’ll give you a better chance of getting a photo of them with the ears still on their head.  Having a family member or friend put them on their head just before you take the photo will also give you a bigger window for a successful bunny photo!

  • Easter eggs. If you baby is not yet sitting on their own, spread the eggs around them while they lay on the floor.  If you have a curious toddler, fill up a basket or pretty bowl with colourful eggs.  If you really want to get their interest, you can put small treasures inside the eggs, which will help keep them in the same place for longer but also give you the chance to capture the wonder and excitement on their face.

  • Cuddly friends.  It’s the perfect time of year to gather up all their baby animals, forest creatures, and other “Spring” stuffed animals and take a photo of your little one with their stuffed friends