Every baby is different, which is why every newborn session is different!

All babies are born with their own temperament and personalities. This is why newborn session workflows are customized around what works best for each infant.  We always prepare parents for what they can expect at different ages. Two week old newborns are different than 6 week old newborns but the reality is that infants surprise us ALL the time with what they do and don’t like! Every baby is different.

This little one was 8 weeks old for her session, which is typically the latest we shoot traditional newborn sessions.  It’s rare for newborns this age to be as sleepy and happy to pose as this sweet baby girl was. She very sleepily and sweetly posed on the posing cushion and curled into props. She surprised all of us and proved every baby is indeed different. This little one gave us the best of both worlds when she woke up part way through her session and gave my camera a glimpse of her beautiful eyes.

Whether infants are asleep or awake, we always get beautiful newborn photos.  When we focus less on whether babies are asleep and willing to do all the traditional poses, and instead focus on making sure they are comfortable and content, parents AND the infant are so much more relaxed and happy.