Can we send you photos from Pinterest?

When we are planning sessions, we ask clients to send us photos from the Sara McConnell Photography social media accounts, blog posts, or from our Pinterest boards.  There are several reasons that photos from other photographers aren’t on the “inspiration” list:

  • Locations are unique to where people live.  While locations with mountains, oceans, and architecture are amazing, we can’t replicate those backdrops in Ottawa.
  • Lighting setups and backdrops are unique to each studio.  There are hundreds of lighting and backdrop combinations. We can’t replicate them at our studio because we don’t have the same equipment.
  • Editing is a personalized style each photographer develops.  There are so many different options when it comes to editing photos, each as unique as the photos themselves.  We each develop our own editing style that is paired to the types of photos we take.  
  • We don’t know anything about the nature of the photos from other sessions.  Photos on Pinterest can be taken as part of stylized shoots, for editorial campaigns, or use models.  The photos that come from commercial sessions with models will have a much different look than those taken in a portrait studio. The models are trained in posing as well as working with angles and light.

But can we still send you some photos from Pinterest?

I’ve been in business for over 12 years, sometimes clients will send over particular poses they like that they find from other photographers. They do that if they can’t find the particular poses they like when going through my social media accounts and website.  While we welcome the inspiration photos clients share from other photographers because it can help us determine if I’m the best photographer to meet their needs, we focus our session planning on each family’s unique style and what they love most from my portfolio.