Choosing what to wear for your maternity photos can sometimes feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be, we’ve got your back (and your belly!).

Many maternity clients have told us that they find it challenging to find outfits they feel beautiful in for photos. Some expectant parents have even been hesitant to book a session because they’re worried about what to wear.

Things we’ve heard from expectant parents include:

-“I have no idea what to wear for photos”

-“I have nothing nice to wear that fits right now”

-“Beautiful maternity clothing is too expensive to wear just for a session and then never again”

Choosing what to wear for your maternity photos is easier than you think

I assure you, if it’s clothing that’s holding you back from having maternity photos you don’t need to worry. With some guidance, help with ‘this one or that one’ decisions, and access to my large collection of maternity gowns, choosing what wear for maternity photos becomes easy. And even a whole lot of fun! We love planning sessions and finding just the right outfits and looks for each client is our passion.

For these first time parents, the beautiful mom-to-be had a dressier look in mind. After looking over her list of favourite gowns, what options dad had in his closet to wear, and the types of photos they like we had two gowns from my collection in mind for her. The burgundy and purple gowns were perfect for her!

For clients who prefer a more casual look or to wear something from their own wardrobe we can also help with choosing what to wear for their maternity photos. We’re happy to make suggestions for what to wear from items you already have or even guide you in your shopping if you’d like something new. No matter what look you have in mind, we’re here to support you. Choosing what to wear for your maternity photos is easier than you think!