Can we book a cake smash session? You can but we always ask clients to consider a few things first!

-Does your baby love and enjoy cake and food?  If not, it’s unlikely they will be interested in their cake.

-Does your baby have a favourite food or snack?  Consider incorporating that into their session to capture pure joy!  

-Does your baby like getting messy? Some babies hate having dirty hands, feet, or getting anything on their face: if that’s the case, for your little one, consider an alternate birthday activity

-Does your baby enjoy being in new places with new people? Expecting little ones to sit on the floor and eat a treat in a strange new place, isn’t the best option for some babies who have more observant or serious temperaments.

Cake smash sessions can be a fun and magical first birthday tradition but they are only one of many different options to celebrate a first birthday with.  Our focus is always on finding a session theme that will work best with a baby’s temperament because that means we are more likely to capture photos of their personality on the day of the session.

So while you definitely can book a cake smash session it isn’t the only special birthday activity you can consider. For some babies it’s an ideal choice and for other babies maybe a different type of activity would work better. Want to chat ideas for your baby’s first birthday session? Email me here!