What if you let them choose? | Every year I get to see this awesome kiddo several times for photos.  One of those sessions is always just for him: his annual birthday photos!

This year his parents looked through the options with him and he chose the cranberry backdrop.  They admitted being unsure of his choice but in the end agreed because the photos are ultimately all about him.

On the day of the session he marched into the studio, stood in front of my line and posed like the superstar he is.  Full body poses, endless expressions, and a confidence I think we could all benefit from.

Not only are the photos 100% him but the cranberry backdrop looks amazing!

I know as adults we often have a ‘vision’ for what we want our photos to look like. But what would happen if we involved our kids more in the process and let them choose?  

Now that I have teenagers I look back at photos of them as kids and am immediately reminded of phases and stages I’d forgotten.  The Summer my son wore a wool owl hat no matter what the temperature.  The sparkly rainbow obsession of my youngest.  

If you’re not quite ready to hand over creative control of your session to your kids, consider compromising on accessories, shoes, or one element of their wardrobe.  It may surprise you to find out how much you love the photos when there’s a unique reminder of who your kids are.