It’s only 20 minutes? | I offer a variety of different session lengths, from 10 minutes to 90 minutes, and most clients are surprised at the variety of photographs we can take in my shorter sessions.

Unlike most photographers, I work as part of a team.  There is a lot of planning and decision making that goes into a photography session. Even just choosing a photographer can feel like an overwhelming process! I have a Session Coordinator whose role is to help coordinate and plan client sessions: from outfits to wear, location, session length, and all the poses and photos that are important to them.

Rather than have clients show up on the day of their session and make decisions then and there about what is going to happen, we guide our clients through the session planning process before the “big day”.  We want clients to have time to think about the photos that are meaningful and important, rather than feel pressure on the day of the session to “take as many photos as possible”.  That means asking a lot of questions about what types of photos are important to them. About previous experiences they’ve had at photography sessions, and answering all the questions they have. As well as putting together a workflow of poses and photos for their session.

It’s really only 20 minutes? How?

Working with a Session Coordinator means my clients don’t have to wait several days to get answers to their questions. This allows me to focus my energy on clients having an amazing session experience AND editing their galleries in 24-72 hours.  

Why my sessions aren’t as long as other photographers:

-The majority of my clients have children and sessions are designed for their developmental abilities and attention spans.

-It’s important to me that my maternity and newborn clients prioritize rest. I don’t want them at my studio for 3-5 hours for photos.

-I am a full time photographer who has been in business for 12 years. My sessions are shorter because of my skill and expertise.

-I work with a session coordinator AND also often have assistants on hands busy session days.

-Many of my clients come back year after year because they have children (or a partner) who does not enjoy photos but they are willing to come see me because I make it fun and fast.

Our sessions are as unique as the clients we work with: we have session lengths for all different families and session types!