The one thing that lasts forever | Our “baby” is ten (nearly 11).  If I tell people how important newborn photos are, I know many think “well of course you’d say that. You’re a newborn photographer!”

Hear me out.

I have been obsessed with baby photos since my teen years. I had Anne Geddes art and calendars all over my room.  Before I even knew that the genre of newborn photography existed, I loved the timeless art form.

Nearly 17 years into parenthood I also speak from experience.  The “baby days” in our home are long over. The only thing left from the all important baby showers, gift registries, and carefully researched purchases is: well, nothing.

My youngest son’s newborn photos still hang on the walls of our home in several places.  While each boy has a box of baby mementos carefully tucked away in their closet, the only evidence of their baby days are the photos we have on our walls.  

Newborn photos are the one thing that lasts forever

Newborn photos are the one and only purchase that is made for a new baby that lasts forever. Cribs are sold, clothes are passed down, toys are outgrown, but memories in the form of photographs will be there for their entire lives.  

Because of the training, skill, equipment, experience, and props and accessories necessary for traditional studio newborn photos, there is a significant cost, much like a crib or stroller.  Just like you researched the safest and best equipment for your baby, I encourage clients to take the same due diligence when hiring their photographer.  

If ever there was a time when I look back and think “I’m so glad we have so many baby photos!”It’s when I have a 14 year old who towers over me at 6’2 and a 17 year old getting ready to apply to university.  It goes SO fast my friends.