Tips for Maternity Sessions With Toddlers: Family members are always welcome, and encouraged, to participate in studio or outdoor maternity sessions. One of the biggest concerns parents have is whether or not their toddler will be willing to participate in any of the photos.

We know it can seem daunting to involve your toddler in your maternity session but we have some tried and true strategies for preparing them for the session and knowing what to expect once they are at the studio:

-Schedule the session at a time of day when they are at their best (e.g., not just before meal time or during nap time)

-Show them photos of me and the studio space and talk about what is going to happen on the day of the session

-Try on their outfit ahead of time to make sure it’s comfortable and there isn’t anything itchy or irritating about the fabric

-Bring snacks, books, and a favourite toy for them to use when we are finished taking photos

-Arrive at the studio with your own outfits, hair, and make up ready to go so we they don’t have to wait for us to get started

A final tip for success with toddlers at a maternity sessions

Let me work my magic! We have a very short window of time before we lose their attention and interest and that is 100% okay. All the photos with this little one took place in less than 8 minutes and I used special games and toys to make sure she was happy and comfortable with the process.

We always prepare parents for what they can expect from their child, which will depend on their age, so that they come to the studio knowing we won’t have an endless amount of time and dozens of posing options when it comes to involving their toddler in photos.

Other than the photos, the most important thing to me as an Ottawa maternity photographer is that your little one has a positive experience at the session so that the next time they have photos, they remember having fun and are happy to participate!