It’s okay to have mixed feelings about your maternity session. | As a parent, I know how incredible it is to experience the miracle of pregnancy.  I also understand that while it’s miraculous, pregnancy is rarely easy. Struggling with fertility, medical challenges, and even anxiety and uncertainty about parenthood can make it hard to celebrate your pregnant body with a photo session.

Maternity photographs are not only for parents to enjoy but also to pass down to their children as they grow older.  Newborn and baby photography clients often share with me that hindsight is 20/20. They wish they’d had the perspective to realize just how important maternity photographs would be to them once their babies arrived. They are one of the few types of photography sessions we can’t “put off until later”.

Like many people, I made the decision not to have maternity photographs during my first and second pregnancies. Because of my own experiences as a mother and photographer, I nervously booked a maternity session for my third pregnancy. I’m so grateful that I did.  Even though my youngest son is 11, those photos still hang on the walls of our home.

No really, it’s okay to have mixed feelings about your maternity session

Our maternity sessions are a safe space for all pregnant bodies and experiences.  If you are excited and confident and ready for bold and beautiful images; we are here for you.  If you are nervous and self conscious and need extra help with every step of planning your session; we are here for you. Even if you are feeling ambivalent or even negative about your pregnant body but want to take photos to pass on to your children; we are here for you. Maternity photography is about creating memories but it can also be part of your own healing and acceptance as you process how your body has changed during your pregnancy.

From choosing your session, your session location, the types of images we take, your wardrobe, and even your final images, our team is here to support you every step of the way.