What am I going to wear? | Family photo sessions are about the human beings in the photos: they aren’t editorial or fashion spreads in magazines.  The focus is on the people, not the outfits, which is why I acknowledge that the clothing you wear is important but maybe not for the reasons you think.

As a family, maternity, and newborn photographer, our priority is: 

-outfits and shoes you can move around in (squat, sit, bend over)

-clothes that fit you, that you feel confident in, and that aren’t itchy or uncomfortable

-avoiding certain fabrics and patterns that create strange distortions and patterns in camera

-staying away from words on shirts because clothing inevitably folds as people move and the word “Sister” soon becomes “Iter”

-durable clothes that won’t tear or wrinkle easily

-outfits that don’t draw attention away from the most important part of the photo: your family

When we are more concerned about what an outfit looks like then we are about connecting with our family, posing and interactions quickly become awkward and stiff.  When clothing and shoes are too tight or uncomfortable, it shows in people’s body language. Both kids and adults have a hard time relaxing and having fun when they are distracted by discomfort. 

“What am I going to wear?” is one of the #1 concerns clients share when it comes to booking a photo session, which is why I have a Session Coordinator who is available every step of the way to help clients choose outfits that look good together, fit, and that everyone is comfortable wearing.