The myth about toddlers |  I feel like we need to squash the myth that photo sessions with toddlers are hard.

Toddlers love to explore, they are finding their sense of self, and their feelings are often expressed in loud ways. It feels like sometimes we focus a little more on the negative feelings and “no’s!” then we do on the fact that they also experience positive emotions like joy, excitement, and happiness in the most contagious way.

At sessions toddlers laugh at the most random and ridiculous things. They find joy in the smallest items (like a random rock, weed, or dried berry). They are very clear about what they will and won’t tolerate. This actually makes photos easier because we know pretty quickly what we can and can’t get away with. When they are unsure, the way they wrap themselves around their caregivers is heart melting.  

As an Ottawa baby photographer I love squashing the myth of toddlers at sessions. In capturing the way they smile with their entire face. Or how they beam with pride as they show off to my camera a new skill.

So here’s to the cheeky grins, wide eyed stares, chubby fingers, scrunched up faces, and hilarity that is photo sessions with toddlers!