Things to consider when hiring a professional family photographer:

1. How long has the person been in business?

2. What are their areas of expertise (e.g., weddings, families, studio sessions, outdoor sessions)?

3. Ensure they provide you with a contract and review the contract carefully. Be certain you

are comfortable with how the images will be used after the session (e.g., for display in their

portfolio, entered into photography competitions, sold as stock photography).

4. What is the price of the session and what does it include? Does the session fee include any prints or digital files? Make sure to ask to see a price list before you book the session.

5. Is the photographer a member of any professional organizations? Is their business insured?

6. Review their portfolio to determine if their style matches yours. Are they willing to work with you to create a specific ‘look’ for your session? Are they open to your ideas and input?

7. What is their experience in post processing and editing? Is editing and retouching included in the cost of the session or is there an additional fee? What types of editing do they perform (e.g., use a preset/filter in Lightroom or hand editing in Photoshop)?

8. Are they clear about the session process (e.g., scheduling, what will happen during the session, the image selection process, editing)? Do you have a clear understanding of what’s involved in booking a session with them as well as the timelines you can expect for booking a session, for your image gallery, for your final images?

9. How and how often do they communicate with clients?  When can you expect to find out answers to your questions?  How often do you get updates and information from them? Are they able to answer the questions that you ask?

I hope this list of things to consider when hiring a family photographer is helpful to you! If you have questions, feel free free to contact me here.