Poop and other surprises: “What if my newborn poops all over your blankets?”

It’s really and truly okay.

I’ve been a mother for 17 years: I am absolutely no stranger to bodily fluids.

During newborn sessions, there are many types of photos where a baby isn’t wearing a diaper.  Since we can’t control what comes out (and when), I anticipate that whatever I pose your baby on is going to get dirty.  

Since I am also posing and holding your baby while they are naked, I also expect that my clothes and my hands are going to get dirty.

-If items can’t be easily washed or cleaned, we don’t use them for naked poses.

-I wear dark pants and shirts. That way if I end up with poop and pee on me, it’s not going to permanently stain my clothes.

-I have an arsenal of stain treatment options to remove stains from newborn blankets and wraps.

-The studio is well equipped with lots of absorbent cloths, paper towels, and cleaners. This means I can easily deal with messes on the floors (or my hands).

Some of the funniest memories I have from the last decade of newborn sessions involve the epic messes made during newborn sessions.  I promise you, poop and other surprises your baby makes is not something I ever worry about!