When you are expecting a baby it can feel overwhelming trying to make a decision about choosing your maternity & newborn photographer. I hope the following questions are helpful to you when you make your decision about the best photographer for your family:

1. Do you know anyone who has used the photographer? What did they have to say about their session experience, the planning process, and their final photos?

2. Do you like the style of the photos in the photographer’s portfolio?

3. Is the photographer willing to collaborate with you to create images that are unique to your family?

4. Is the photographer experienced in post-production (editing/retouching)?

5. Does the photographer provide you with a contract, prepare you for the session (e.g., what to bring, what to expect), and provide clear expectations about the editing and image selection process?

6. Is the photographer’s session fees and pricing structure clear? Ensure that you understand
exactly what is included with the fee that you pay.

7. What experience does the photographer have working with expectant parents and newborns?

8. Do the babies in the photographer’s gallery look safe and comfortable in the poses?

9. Ask the photographer about safety during the session. Do they use composite techniques in Photoshop to create images (for example, a baby’s head propped up on its hand or a baby posed on a piece of furniture) or do they attempt the poses in studio? Unless a baby is in their parents arms, on the posing cushion, or inside a low container on the floor, the images should be composites and not actually attempted by the photographer.

10. Ask the photographer what they will do if the baby is fussy or doesn’t want to sleep during the sessions. Professional photographers are skilled at soothing babies and able to pose babies that are sleeping as well as babies that are awake.

Choosing a maternity & newborn photographer and have questions? Please feel to reach out here!